Artisan Glass Blowing

October 20, 2020

Artisan Glass Blowing

Production within our glass studio is both an intense and well-choreographed process. During our production periods, 10 large kilns are firing literally around the clock at temperatures reaching 1200 degrees. The ground of our studio trembles from the force of these large kilns firing at the same time; as about 15 different artisans move with purpose about the studio working with extremely hot molten glass at various stages. 3 to 4 master glassblowers step in at specific times during production to handle the more advanced techniques like mouth blowing, lamp-working, and shaping. Apprentices of the master glassblowers handle the more general of tasks like transporting broken recycled glass from containers into the large kilns. Apprentices also tend to the glass being heated within the kilns all while learning the more tedious and technical talents shared by the master glassblowers. Glass blowing is both an art and a talent that takes years to develop. When you purchase our glassware and pendant glass lighting you are supporting the entire artisan process handled by true artisans which strengthens the community surrounding our studio in Guadalajara Mexico it also helps to keep the culture alive.

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