One crisis reveals another.

by Clayton Freeman June 07, 2020

Church of San Miguel de Allende

We stand with and support the people of this nation who deserve and are ready to work together towards change. The path that will bring ourselves, our families, our businesses, and our communities to a peaceful, healthy, and productive existence will not be easy. It will require understanding and great compassion for our fellow human, this path will demand our patience and require all to learn more about and appreciate the environment that surrounds us. This long and more difficult path will require us all to change the way we manage our physical/mental health and the way we treat our environment.

Social Justice.

What the US can possibly learn from other countries on how to treat each other..?
During the past 2 decades that our family has been working in Mexico we have experienced a similar reaction from many Americans when we share with them what our company does and where we operate within Mexico. The common response is... "Wow, that's different." or "Wow, that seems interesting." which is then immediately followed by "Do you feel safe down there?" Or "I could never work or live down in Mexico, it's way too dangerous." There are obviously major differences between the societal structures and cultures of Mexico when compared to the societal structures and cultures found within the United States. While different wealth and class structures between the two neighboring countries does exist, throughout Mexico we have experienced an overwhelming appreciation for the common man and woman no matter the country or your origin, color of your skin, or faith that you follow. Meaning that locals for the most part within in all of the towns, and cities that we work in show great compassion for their fellow human. There are the small gestures like holding a door open for another, or when asking for directions most locals will take the time to go greatly out of their way(literally miles out of their way) to ensure you reach your destination safely. Then there are the more greater of decencies like inviting a complete stranger into their home for a very authentic meal. Most of the work we do in Mexico, both production and logistics is not centered near the beautiful beaches and other tourist attracted areas. We find this great level of humanity exists within the dense cities of Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana and is provided by the everyday people who live in these densely populated areas. Does Mexico have an overwhelming amount of crime and violence? Certainly! All densely populated regions throughout the world commonly do have higher violence rates. However Mexico's crime and violence rate is heavily influenced by the illegal drug production and trafficking which is fueled by the United States demand for such substances, which is another topic in and of itself.

Clayton Freeman
Clayton Freeman


Cofounder, Product Designer, Team Member at Zenwaro™

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