The Essence of Valentine's is not limited to just 1 Day

January 24, 2021

Valentines Day Gifting Blog

With Valentines Day approaching, this year, we may all have a slightly different outlook on the significance of this holiday.

Of course, we know that Valentines Day has traditionally been an exchange of sentiments between individuals who are romantically involved.  Along with cards, the common "go to" gifts of this hallmark inspired holiday are flowers (often roses), and the staple Chocolates!  This year so many of us have experienced the loss of those with whom we may consider close; individuals with whom we have had not necessarily romantic connections, but family members, close friends, and friends of friends. The bottom line for many of us is the awareness that life is much too short and we best not wait to express our sentiments.

I realized long ago that I need not wait for a holiday to arrive for me to express my love or just reach out to let someone know that I care.  Chocolates get eaten all too quickly and flowers last a week or maybe 2 if we are lucky; even cards are seldom kept for long in this electronic age of communication.

Devotion Dog Sculpture

The universal symbol for love is the heart, it has no language barrier. I guess it could be deemed the unofficial "logo for love". In our travels and experiences throughout Mexico we seem to have connected with artisans who often incorporate hearts of some form or another in their artistry.  This has not necessarily been the object of our search, but hearts unintentionally are well represented in our various collections. I suppose the hearts in our collections do express our love for Mexico, its people and their culture. 

If you are waiting for an opportunity to express love, caring, or maybe just gratitude to someone in your life, don't put it off for later and miss your chance.  Possibly this year you might consider expressing your devotion and caring with something that is a bit more permanent, something that is a lasting reminder that "you truly care" and you express this way of caring that is unique to the individual you are.  Peruse the offerings on our website and consider a unique alternative to the traditional options for Valentines Day and to include the idea that you made the effort to find something that is truly meaningful. 

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