The Essence of Valentine's is not limited to just One Day

by Marianne Freeman February 07, 2023

Glass Decanter Heart, Heart shaped Bottle

At Zenwaro, we believe that Valentine's Day has some significant limitations. The concept is that there is one day set aside for "love."
Really?! One day to signify love and appreciation for our mates, dads, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, or friends? This tired marketing concept belongs in the hall of fame of bad ideas conjured up by outdated corporations. As if the most powerful emotion and binding force for good could be confined to just one day. Given the current state of our world, a war in Ukraine, Pandemic withdrawals, climate change, migration malfunctions, the digitization of our dating habits, and birth rates on the decline, to name a few, it may be a good idea to remove the trappings of this Hallmark themed holiday and release the flood gates of love for at least 365 days per year. Or at the very least, consider a different approach to celebrating love and expressing our love for others. Another form of love that we rarely see reflected or acknowledged in Valentine's hype is love for ourselves. "How can we openly love others without first loving ourselves" quoted in one fashion or another by ancient philosophers Oprah and even the Buddha. This is an every moment of everyday ongoing practice, not subject to just one day per year. Ever heard the phrases "I love what I do," "I am passionate about my work," or "I love this piece of art"? These are examples of expressive forms of love. Not necessarily for another person but more so for ourselves or the creative abilities of others. What if we reimagined Valentine's to celebrate all forms of love? With these sentiments in mind, we would like to share with you how "love" in a few non-traditional ways has brought about some inspiration behind our product design, creativity in the artisan process, and even some of our customer's shared experiences that carry a deeper meaning than just monetary transactions.


The universal symbol for love is the heart; it has no language barrier and could be deemed the unofficial "logo for love." This has not necessarily been the object of our search, but hearts unintentionally are well represented in our various collections. In our travels and experiences throughout Mexico, we have unintentionally connected with artisans who often incorporate hearts of some form or another in their artistry and product design. Side note: these are not inimitable occurrence hearts. Corazones are a very common muse in the artisan culture in Mexico and across many Latin countries. Yet heart shapes were outside our slide deck of ideas when we set out to create sculptural glassware. Neither was introducing another material and art form part of the original concept, but that is the direction both love and a good challenge steered us.
Our fascination started with how specific glass-blowing studios in Mexico relied entirely on recycled materials to create beautiful works of art. The desire later transformed into a passion for bending these sustainable artisan manufacturing practices toward the intersection of art and functionality.


It is a beautiful experience to work alongside and watch the various artisans design and create. Their talents and creativity partly derive from a place of self-love. Not in an overly egocentric form of self-love, more so a humble and straightforward loving of oneself. This ability allows them to be content in their modest lifestyle and confident in their artistic ability. This self love introducing inspiration and creativity cycle exists very early on in our supply chain. Aside from being extremely humbled every time we experience it, there is also a great sense of responsibility in being both stewards and protectors of this Zenwaro protocol.


Of all walks of life and professions, from eccentric collectors and minimalists to the artistically gifted and those who are more numerically proficient. What defines a Zenwaro customer is not their ethnicity, educational background, profession, or even their taste in decor and fashion.

One commonality in human nature that most Zenwaro patrons share is their ability to think and live creatively. The other personality tendency we find with most customers is the amount of thought, love, and pride they imbue into their homes and lifestyle. Their appreciation for travel, culture, and enlightenment is expressed and infused into the personal life they lead and share with their family and friends. Because of this level of customer love, we view their purchases as less transactional and more as points of delightful engagements. Where stories of life, love, and unique experiences are shared, and more often than not, meaningful friendships are sustained.

Glass Decanter Heart, Heart shaped Bottle. Wine Decanter

01. Decanter Hearts | Clear. Recycled glass is collected crushed then heated in several large kilns where temperatures reach up to 1500*F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed glass molds. | 02. Movement Decanter Hearts | Red. We poured our hearts into designing this collection of Sculptural Decanters. What began as captivating glass art almost a decade ago, has transformed into “functional glass art”. Each hand-blown glass decanter heart is crafted to perfection with the purpose of preserving the finest wine or liquor, and also serving the beverage in style. Intended for use amongst the best of friends and loved ones, during the greatest of celebrations, always with class and a sense of responsibility. 


Marianne Freeman
Marianne Freeman


Cofounder, Jefa(boss lady), and Team Member at Zenwaro™

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