The Meaning of Zenwaro! Part 1

May 04, 2020

The Meaning of Zenwaro! Part 1

A Sanctuary of Zen! 

a very high form of enlightenment. Usually studied within Buddhist monasteries, this ancient practice emphasizes enlightenment by the most direct possible means, accepting formal studies and observances only when they form part of such means.

The literal Spanish translation of Sanctuary is "Santuario". This beautiful word can also be translated as a shrine or sanctum to us "Santuario" means "home".            A home or sanctuary is the place that we spend some of the most important moments of our life, it is where we go to find peace, it is the place that we cook and share delightful food with friends and family, it is the place where we hang our art, place our furniture, it is the place that we make our own. More recently it is the place we quarantine, if we are lucky.

The meaning of Zenwaro is a "Sanctuary of Zen."

We provide products that are handmade by true artisans. These products are crafted with great talent and are influenced by culture. Our products tell a story of both of craftsmanship and of artistry, upon introducing them into your sanctuary you will find they will bring about moments of Zen.

About a year ago our humble team began working on a few big changes
within our brand. Though unfathomable as these "plans for change" seemed about 18 months ago we comprised a strategy and
decided to put one foot in front of the other.
No change or transition is ever easy, change should always be a challenge.
More importantly change should bring about new ideas and perspectives, new ways to communicate, and certainly new opportunities. In these uncertain times we have learned there is one certainty that you can count on "change".

That is why we call our change Zenwaro!

To be continued....


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