The Meaning of Zenwaro! Part 2

May 17, 2020

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New brand new platforms same artisan made goods for an authentic lifestyle.

One can never be certain if the paths they choose will lead them towards the great destiny they envisioned before embarking on the journey. What is certain great risks will be taken, lessons will be learned, great friendships will be made, and overall enlightening experience will be had. If both mind and heart are strong, and you surround yourself with friends, peers, partners who's abilities and dreams exceed your own then its likely that neither you nor your business will be the same when the journey began.

Just about 2 years ago, to the dismay of our many dedicated patrons we made the decision to close the last of our retail brick and mortar locations. A decision that was reached through much introspection, analysis, and a very heavy heart.

Over about 2 decades our family owned business had the amazing opportunity to build delightful boutiques and home decor showrooms throughout the Vegas valley known as Daniel's West, Tesoro Trading, and San Miguel Collection. This has been  a labor of love to create and operate these showrooms that allowed us to share the artwork, lighting, furniture, folk art, and so much more with both friends and patrons. Yet the retail landscape has changed not only in Las Vegas but throughout the US, Amazon and other online platforms have ushered in a new era of the retail experience for us all.

When one door closes we have learned that no less than 5 more beautifully carved wood doors open. This new website that we have so diligently working on is just one of those "beautiful metaphorical doors". We have taken time to labor over the design, aesthetic features, and rich content of our new website for several months! Refining the tiniest details in effort to develop not just a website but more so an experience! Just as our lovely boutiques were thoughtfully constructed to be an escape from the same old mundane decor shops we have also constructed this site to be an authentic experience! We have dedicated countless months to create a multifaceted platform that is filled with beautifully sharp product images and videos allowing you to envision the beauty in your surroundings, very detailed descriptions that will both inform you of a every unique detail of our products and their story, the inspiration behind them and the artisan who pour their heart into each creative detail. This site and blog journal is packed with the stories of our beloved artisans and the stories of our travels. We embarked on this journey with a few very important goals in mind- to create platform that informs you of the artisan story, sparks your interests, informs you of how to create an environment that is unique and beautiful, our ambition with this site is to bring you closer to the product, to the artisan experience, and to our experience. We hope you will enjoy!

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