Rebel Rockero Black | Hand Sculpted Catrina

Authentic Catrina sculpture that is inspired by the age of Rock 'n' Roll. Perfectly sculpted by hand from clay / terra-cotta and artisan painted by hand in black with a matte finish. This original work of art captures the character of Dia de los Muertos and attitude of a Punk Rockero. Hand sculpted by the extremely talented Sr. Marco Perez from Michoacan Mexico. Sr. Perez spent countless hours perfecting the fine accents exhibited on this particular Catrina. From the mohawk, jacket, and pants to the attention to detail on the knuckles and guitar. This is Catrina sculpting at its very best! There will never be another Rebel Rockero Black created like this again! This and all other Catrinas that Sr. Perez sculpts are kiln fired for several hours in a traditional red brick oven. After the kiln fire each catrina figure is hand painted and finished with acrylic sealant.

This Catrina is 1 solid piece and stands 18" high, the ceramic base is 5" wide x 4" deep.

All Catrina Elegante' sculptures are extremely fragile and require special handling after delivery!

What's Included
-Large sturdy tubular case, which carries and protects the Rebel Rockero Catrina from harm during transportation.
-Certificate confirming that this it is an original work of art.
The Catrina Elegante' Collection
We are proud to partner with the most talented sculptors and painters located in Michoacan Mexico. Each Catrina in this collection is an original work of art. Each sculpture requires our dedication to safe transportation and importation.

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