Azukar Ceramic Mask

Artisan sculpted ceramic wall hanging Sugar Skull Mask, Size-Large. Hand-painted with vibrant colors finished with a varnish rub. This authentic wall hanging sculpture is inspired by Sugar Skulls or Alfeñiques which are a cultural tradition of creating artistic skulls and other figures from sugar. Usually created as offerings to decorate altars during Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) celebrations. The Large Azukar mask remarkably captures the essence of this very old tradition, available in other sizes.

The raw clay is molded and shaped by hand it is then placed in a traditional large red brick kiln that is heated by wood. The kiln reaches temperatures of approximately 800*F and the clay bakes for 3-4 days. When finished, the ceramic is very dense and durable then each piece is painted by hand. No 2 Sugar Skull masks are exactly the same.

Collections: Day Of The Dead, Devotion

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