Atrium Ceramic Pot | Medium

The Atrium ceramic pot is hand thrown from raw terra-cotta and hand-painted with a variety of vibrant colors. The geometric, floral, and cultural patterns wrap around the entire pot, these patterns are inspired by Talavera and Majolica artistry. The Atrium pot has 2 sturdy ceramic handles. Add a touch of character, color, and authenticity to your home and garden.

Safe for soil, planting, and outdoor display. This is quality Talavera ceramic pottery. After the raw clay is molded into this lovely budding shape, the pot is kiln fired at high temperatures reaching 1200* - 1500*F. After the first fire is completed the dried and solid pot is hand-painted with lead-free paint and a glossy protective glaze coating is applied. The pot is then again placed in the kiln for the second and final fire.

14“ ½ diameter x 13“high | 12“diameter (mouth of the medium Atrium pot)

Collections: Tierra

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