Salerosa Dark | Hand Sculpted Catrina

The Lady in Mourning is a original work of art. This piece of cultural art is hand sculpted from raw clay, after sculpting and shaping the catrina it is then kiln fired for several hours in a traditional large red brick oven. After the kiln fire is completed, the sculpture is painted by hand in dark black with a satin finish.

Dimensions | Specifications
26"tall x 7"wide x 6"deep
6Lbs total weight 
Two pieces, head inserts on top of body 

About the Artist

The artist Marcos Perez lives in the state of Michoacan and uses the untamed natural beauty that this territory offers as a constant inspiration for the Catrina figures that he sculpts and paints by hand.

This authentic Catrina sculpture is part of our Catrina Elegante Collection an exquisite group of fine ceramic sculptures that are inspired by Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) each figure is an original work of art, handmade by artisans located in Michoacán Mexico, designed and imported by Zenwaro.

What's Included.

This Catrina is 1 solid piece. This sculpture is extremely fragile and requires very delicate handling.

1 Large case tubular case, that carries and protects the delicate Catrina from harm during transportation.

A certificate of authentication confirming that this it is an original work of art.

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