Organic Liquor ceramic Jugs | Set of 2

Our signature Liverpool finish looks stunning on these hand thrown ceramic Jugs with iron handles. Each ceramic jug is hand thrown from ceramic and fused with hand forged iron handles that have an authentic old world patina finish.
Each jug is hand stamped with the title “Licor de Cafe' Organico” this title and design is inspired by some of the first small or micro-Distillery's located in Mexico circa 1700's that used organic ingredients to craft their beverage. 
20"h x 14"w(from handles) x 10"diameter
The Liverpool Finish.
This distressed finish is achieved by mixing various paint colors, which are then drizzled over the surface of each jug. This painting technique gives the bottles a great mixture of dark earth-tones and organic colors, the Liverpool finish varies on every piece no 2 jugs will ever look exactly the same. Finished with protective glaze glossy - matte.
The ceramic is hand molded from raw clay, and kiln fired in a large red brick oven at tempratures reaching 900*F - 1000*F. The kiln firing allows for these jugs to be placed outdoors, keep under a covered area away from pooling water.
The iron handles are hand forged with patina finish. This unique fusion ceramic and iron captures an old world charm.