Sovereign Milagros Heart

Ornately carved sacred heart with a stunning mixture of vibrant hand painted colors. The Sovereign Heart will add character to your decor and astonish your guests! Hand carved from real Avocado wood, and equipped to hang on the wall. The Sovereign Heart is a signature design that was inspired by the Sagrado Corazon(Sacred Heart) and other vintage era artifacts from Mexico. The border of the heart is painted with a mixture of colors red, orange, and magenta. 

Dimensions | Milagro Charm Count.
10"h x 1"thick x 7"wide | 25 to 30 Milagro Charms

About our Milagros Collection.

Artifacts hand carved by artisans, from sacred hearts & crosses to Santos sculptures & mini Treasure Chests. Each unique design is hand carved from Avocado wood, & hand painted in rich colors. Authentic Milagro charms are hand hammered onto each carving in specific patterns. This Milagros Carving will not only add a touch of cultural beauty to your home it will also inspire creativity in your life. These small metal medallions called "Milagros" are fastened to the front of the cross by hand and hammer. This carving and all other designs part of the Milagros Collection are 100% handmade both the amount and types of Milagro charms found on each carved cross will vary from piece to piece.

About the miracle charms called Milagros.

The english word literally translates to “Miracle”, these small charms are thought to have originated with the ancient Iberians who inhabited the coastal regions of Spain 2000 - 3000 B.C.. Milagros are made in endless shapes and sizes, and each figure has a different meaning. For century’s through-out Latin America people of faith have used Milagros as votive offerings to mend or heal one's ailments or pray for "assistance" with other difficulties in their daily lives.

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