Bundle of Love.

by Marianne Freeman January 15, 2022

Bundle of Love.

The past two years have initiated a change in how we go about our everyday lives, how we work, travel, celebrate holidays and importantly how we celebrate relationships with people we love and value. Moving into the new year, we at Zenwaro have been discussing both "value and thoughtfulness". 

Are we "giving just for the sake of giving" and not actually "giving it" more thought? 

Thus a gift not just for intimate partners but a gift that signifies love and appreciation in many capacities. Over a year ago, we began thinking about how to focus the talents and abilities of our skilled artisans and craftspeople to present a thoughtful valentine package that would be affordable, and more importantly, express appreciation and love to more than just romantic relationships. As some of us move from one stage in our lives to another, family and friends can become geographically distant yet still remain within our hearts and everyday thoughts. A sentiment of love and appreciation does not rely so much on the size or the price of the gift, more so it is the thoughtful and unique gesture taken to let a friend, family member, lover know that you care about them.

Valentine's Day gift bundle

 A closer look at the individual elements included in our Bundle of Love package from the left:  silver mercury glass hearts on festive red fill, black velvet drawstring bag with Zenwaro tag, metal scroll stand with hot pink glass heart, scroll stand with red glass heart, scroll stand with rose mercury glass heart, Duos box containing 2 Ethel M fine chocolates. Link to Bundle of Love Packages.

Planning and creativity helped us to arrive at a package that we hope will satisfy a number of Valentines Day gift quandaries and expectations. We have partnered with the world famous chocolatier, Ethel M located just over a mile from our Las Vegas warehouse (too close to resist temptation). Included is their "Duos" package that includes 2 scrumptious handmade chocolates with the option to choose either dark or milk chocolate. Just enough chocolate to satisfy but not enough to get you into trouble.

 Now for some details about our Valentine Bundle
  • This will be the first annual offering for our Limited Edition Valentine's Day  gift package
  • Shipping will be included only on the first 50 orders.
Items included in this limited edition gift package will be:
  • One ornamental blown glass heart in a choice of 4 colors- Red, Mercury , Pink, Rosé Mercury .
  • Red ribbon attached to the ornamental glass hearts 
  • Duo gift box of Ethel M's fine chocolate in your choice of either milk chocolate or dark.
  • A metal scroll stand to suspend and display the blown glass heart.
  • Optional small, printed greeting card with the option to include a brief, personalized message (message must be entered in the "order notes" field at check out.)
  • All items, except metal scroll stand, will be enclosed in a black velvet drawstring bag with festive, red fill.

 The inclusion of chocolate also takes us to our roots in Mexico where the ancient Aztec civilization believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac food, which of course is a benefit, but fine chocolate from Ethel M is always a welcome gift, no matter the occasion..

Ornamental Glass Hearts and Chocolate

Items in above photo from the left:  Ethel M Duo dark chocolate package, Duo package with milk chocolates, Metal scroll stands displaying our most popular ornamental heart shown in Rose' Mercury Glass.    


Each ornamental heart is individually created sustainably at our artisan glass-blowing studio located in Guadalajara Mexico. Using recycled glass bottles and a resource of talent to create art and beauty. Recycled glass is delivered by the truckload from local recycling yards. Mounds of discarded bottles and other glass articles are transferred into the studio where it is lightly clean, crushed, and heated in large kilns where temperatures reach 1500˚F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed heart molds. The color dye is added during the heating process, developing the lasting color of the glass art. 

It is our ambition to "Valentine's with intention"! To surprise and delight anyone you care about with a lasting gift that will not fade or wilt with time, and will always be a remembrance that "you care about them"

Marianne Freeman
Marianne Freeman


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