Color and Whimsy for the Holidays

November 17, 2020

Color and Whimsy for the Holidays

Is it only the way this year feels, or is muted monochrome back in? Whichever it is, whimsy and color seem like perfect gifts for the upcoming Holidays!

It goes without saying that over the past 10 months, our lives have changed-- maybe forever. One important thought comes to mind: Life is short; let's enjoy every moment as much as possible. This year, let the people that matter most know that you put serious thought into their gifts.

As a professional interior designer with over 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial design, in addition to operating a custom picture framing studio I am no stranger to color and texture. Small hints of color and texture thoughtfully selected and placed can change the personality and presence of a room. Unique artisan made objects can also insert your personality into the essence of the space you are designing. 

If you are gifting something special for yourself and your home this holiday season my advice is go for it! 

When curating the spaces of your home keep in mind to try and select colors, textures, and objects that work in harmony with each other, this does not mean these elements should overly match one another more so these element should play off one another or complement each other.

Specifically concerning your home and your connection to it, search for the objects that are not only unique but also the creative creations that will make you happy every time you look at them. This holiday season apart from years past it is important to focus on our personal joy and what brings out the true happiness within us, your immediate surrounds "think Sanctuary of Zen" have an important role to play in the amount of positivity you share friends and family. 

Imagine gifting bright yellow sunshine from our Devotion collection! That would add a little surprise and joy to any dark room or hallway! A painted Talavera ceramic longhorn could brighten the space above a doorframe. And, your furry friends could enjoy one of our Talavera dog bowls. (We'll bet your guests will too.)

This year, bring bliss, brightness, and holiday cheer to the lives of those you care about!  Start your gift-giving journey at

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