Combating COVID-19

Combating COVID-19

Operating During A Pandemic, Is not Business as Usual...

Our hearts go out to all who have been affected directly by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the face of such great adversity like losing a loved one or the uncertainty of the financial security that our families have depended upon is now a reality that exists within our communities. Rather than spreading the panic, we hope the gravity of these current events will bring about deep self-introspection of what or whom we love and that which we hold valuable. There will be no easy path forward nor any quick fix that will end this crisis.

We believe the path that will bring ourselves, our families, our businesses, and our communities back to a peaceful, healthy, and productive existence will not be easy. The path will be long and uncomfortable at times. It will require understanding and great compassion for others, this path will demand our patience and require all to learn more about the environment that surrounds us. This long and more difficult path will require us all to change the way we manage our physical/mental health and the way we treat our environment.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while waiting to receive your purchases. Our efforts to produce and ship your orders in a timely fashion during the pandemic is of utmost priority along with ensuring that your purchase is sanitized and safe to handle.

Both of our operations here in the US and in Mexico have been greatly affected by the ongoing crisis. We have taken the time to heighten communication with family and artisan studios located in Mexico during this crisis. As of March 18th 2020 none of our immediate family nor staff located within the U.S. and Mexico have experienced symptoms related the novel COVID-19 virus.

We continue all current Mexico production at a reduced volume for the time being. We have made changes within our facilities located in San Diego and Las Vegas, removing all non-essential personnel to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We will continue to strongly disinfect ourselves, our products, and our facilities and we will continue to practice socializing from a distance at home and within our entire enterprise.

What this means for all orders?

*All orders(both existing and future orders) will continue to ship in a timely manner. We request only your continued patience and understanding as we adapt to these current changes. If you have questions regarding your order or placing an order please contact us via phone or email.

*Our Las Vegas warehouse is still open for any local order pick-up. We request only that all customers who are interested in picking up an order please contact us to schedule your pick-up. Please contact us via phone or email at your leisure.

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