DE~VO~TION love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

DE~VO~TION  love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.
It all began with a few small of red and gold hearts that immediately captured my attention as I walked into a friend's office located in Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico. Each heart was authentically vintage in their design, their presence so vibrant. These little hearts enchanted me from first glance! I inquired about the artist who created these magical corazones? Our associate said he would be happy to introduce us to the artist. Three years later we were introduced to Rafael Pineda (the creator of these enchanting heart sculptures), and from that point an appreciation of art, culture, history, and creation was born.
This is the perfect description of our Devotion collection.  It began with a small collection of red and gold hearts that we saw at a friend's office in Mexico.  We inquired about the artist who created these delightful corazones and he said he would be happy to introduce us to the artist.  Three years later we met Rafael, and the collection grew from there.
The creations begin in a small village in central Mexico within an even smaller studio,  This is the definition of "handcrafting" motivated by love and enthusiasm. After meeting Rafael and seeing his artistic expressions in clay, we were inspired to collaborate with him and to create many new designs. Each artifact in the collection is created from terracotta clay that is locally sourced from the surrounding hills. The molds are created by Rafael and the terracotta clay is prepared, then pressed into each mold. The wood-fired brick kiln was built by Rafael and when the fire begins and reaches a temperature in excess of 800 degrees, the molds are placed in the kiln and left for hours until the process is complete.  Then, slowly, the molds are removed from the kiln and carefully opened the reveal the artwork within. The multi-step process of applying layers of paint, varnishes, and accents of gold and silver leaf then begins.
The Devotion collection continues to grow.  We have such a diversity of hearts that we have not been able to add all of them to our website as yet.  Now we have added the option to display the hearts on a contemporary iron stand that suspends the heart and emphasizes the sculptural design of even the smallest heart.
We love the entire Devotion collection, but we have a special affection for the "doggies".  The entire canine crew is available in two sizes, because not everyone has access to a large doghouse.  We started with the Blue Angel doggie with wings, then decided that our furry friends do not always behave like angels so we added the red Devil Doggie complete with horns and a forked tail.  Then came a Bird doggie, a Frida doggie, and the list goes on with more to be added. Be sure to look at their eyes; Rafael paints personality into each individual doggie
The Loteria cards are available in all 54 designs and in 3 sizes upon request and offer unlimited possibilities for decorating your walls.
Set aside some time to peruse the Devotion Collection on our website where you will find inspiration for not only your personal sanctuary, but ideas for gift giving, treasures that will last a lifetime, bring smiles to the faces of friends and loved ones, and recall memories that should not be forgotten.
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