Celebrating Frida. Rebellion, Pain, Solitude messages in her art apply to current times.

Frida Kahlo sculpture

No doubt, it has been an interesting year for most of us and in many different ways.  For us and our extended family and the Zenwaro team, this year has brought the loss of a brother for Clay and his sister Jennifer and a son for me, in January. In December, Clay lost his very best friend and faithful companion, his dog Wrigley. We feel that we have experienced more than our share of pain and loss, and yet we know that we are not alone in this experience.  So many have lost their loved ones and have experienced the pain of illness from this virus that has run through our lives like a hurricane. If nothing else, we have gained compassion and understanding for what so many of us have endured and survived

In the recent artistic and cultural fabric that is now a significant part of Mexico, the life of Frida Kahlo embodied so much of its making.  Before entering into what became our business and relationships with artists in Mexico, I barely knew the name Frida Kahlo, much less any of the details of her life. She was a great intellect and a rebel when most women never dared to openly express opinions or contradictory philosophies  Her life changed dramatically when at the age of 18 and still a student, she was a victim of a horrific accident on a bus that she and some other friends and students were riding.  She somehow miraculously survived, but the damage to her body was with her for the remainder of her life. Frida turned her at times unbearable pain into artwork that embodied what she was feeling. Her paintings were graphic, deeply expressive, and often offensive to those who viewed them as she became more recognized for her art.  She bared her soul to a world that would have preferred not to see the pain of others.

Her impact has been profound and with most of the artists that we have had the honor to work with, Frida is represented in many different aspects of their own artwork.  We have a  number of pieces that we have incorporated into our website and so much more that has not yet made it that far. There is definitely more to come and we hope you will appreciate and enjoy some of the new Frida introductions.  We have a feeling that she is an artist who will not be lost or forgotten as the years, decades, and centuries move forward.

At this particular time in our lives when compassion may be all we have to give to those around us, Frida Kahlo's art is a reminder that we are never in this alone and acknowledging the plight of others is sometimes the most important thing we can share with them.

Stay healthy, protect the health of others, and work to make 2021 a year of compassion and caring for not all who surround us. But also take time to care for yourself, make your space beautiful and comfortable.

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