From Clay to Color and Contentment

From Clay to Color and Contentment

Amazing what can appear out of the earth, literally.  Long before Mexico was discovered by the Spanish, the indigenous people of the central area of the Americas (Mesoamerica) were taking clay from the earth and creating functional vessels and decorative objects. 

   These treasures from the earth from centuries ago have been found throughout Mesoamerica and what is even more incredible is that current day artisans are still using clay from the earth in those same areas to create cooking utensils and objects of art.

   We are blessed to be working with artisans in Mexico who have kept the artistry alive that has been passed down through generations.  Of course, some new techniques have been added but the basic processes remain the same.

   Our Devotion collection is a classic example of artistry from the earth.  Rafael, who is the "maestro" of our Devotion Collection, not only creates his own designs and molds from locally sourced clay, he also builds his own wood fired kiln.  No gas here, only wood from the trees in the surrounding area.  The creative process is basically the same as it was centuries ago.

   Rafael is one member of a family of talented artisans who all create from locally sourced clay, and each has his own unique and particular style.  Rafael has continued to introduce us to other family members on each visit to Mexico and it seems as if the talent and artistry amongst his family is never-ending.

   One of the aspects we love most about Rafael's work is his ability to add a bit of personality to each individual object that is created in his studio.  Each piece is painted by hand and the expression that is added with his brush in the eyes and smile of our Devotion Doggies reflects the attitude and whimsy that we see in our furry friends and just like them, each one is individually unique.

   Gift giving, no matter the time of year or occasion, can and should be a creative and thoughtful process.  When the gift is for your personal space, creating the Zen is the most important part.  Sometimes adding a bit of color and whimsy can bring it all together.

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