You Have a Delivery From Our Artisan Studio!

You Have a Delivery From Our Artisan Studio!

The work that goes into each product that we offer begins at our individual artisan studios located across Central Mexico. Very talented artisans roll up their sleeves and go to work, applying their trained abilities and specific techniques to bring handmade products to life. Alejandro heads up our artisan ironworking studio, supported by his three sons and "Apá" colloquial Mexican term "father". This is truly a family operation utilizing their precision skills passed from father to son one generation to the next. Countless hours are invested into measuring the various angles and abstract shapes that make the iron vine stands of our Movement Heart Collection. They are not laborers rather skilled blacksmiths tediously heating, hammering, and welding each iron bar into place. This is the artisan process that constructs the ornate iron cages of our Mediterra Pendant Lighting Collection.

Artisans of Guadalajara Mexico, Mexican artisanal ironworkers

01. Alejandro Rodriguez, the "maestro" within his mumble iron working studio located in Guadalajara Mexico. | 02. Extended family photo taken during one of our many trips to Mexico to work on new designs and review different finished and color options. Clayton in the forefront and Alejandro's sons and his "apa". | 03. Immediately back from the glass blowing studio our Piña Pendant poses for a quick pic before being packaged up for a long haul to the U.S..

  Zenwaro exists at the very beginning of the supply chain, always with the ambition to develop fantastic designs and fine products often never seen or experienced in the US, Canada, and Europe. While it is always a multifaceted and quite complex modus operandi of developing then shepherding these magical creations from thousands of miles and across oceans to your door, it will forever be our mission statement.
Over the past two decades, we have worked earnestly to build and foster relationships with an array of skilled artisans across Central Mexico. We are motivated by the creativity and culture within individual artisans like Fatima Contreras and her team of predominantly female artists. These devoted ladies exhibit fearless ambition and necessary talents to reinvigorate very old artistries like Talavera and Majolica by incorporating traditional elements and never afraid to inject new colors, new ideas, and their personalities into every glazed ceramic vessel.                                                                                                                   

Talavera Artisans of Mexico, painting Talavera in Mexico 

01. So many colors! It is a humbling experience to walk into an artisan studio and see a production line of artists painting, creating, and living their passion. | 02. Fatima Barcenas is the matriarch of the wonderful ceramic and majolica artisan studio creating many of our most beautiful designs from the Tierra Collection. Besides being a mom and an extremely talented artisan, the artisan studio she started many years ago with her husband employs a team of mostly women. | 03. This team of highly skilled artisan women makes a solid living wage. The work being done in this studio, located in Guanajuato, Mexico, supports the local economy, trains and educates local young apprentices in the region. It also spreads this beautiful culture and art form from one generation to another but across the world. We are blessed to be able to share it with you!

 It is a brave new era of "single-day delivery" and "tech-savvy e-commerce giants", the world of retail is much different than 10 or even 5 years ago. In our modern age of "consume as much as the market will allow," it is common for retail businesses to tender goods and products through various industry-specific trade shows and exhibits. Nowadays, products are mass-produced and distributed through online platforms tailoring everything from un-branded soy-based candles, cooking utensils, apparel, tech products, basically an unending array of products. So many of the products we as consumers purchase are provided by companies that lack fair treatment, pay, and care for their employees and vendors. This is why Zenwaro exists at the beginning of the supply chain, having the opportunity to work with highly talented artisans. It is both a major responsibility and seldom easy ensuring that their craft and beautiful contribution to humanity is appreciated and receives the attention, respect, and support it deserves. This is our Culture, and it will never change!  

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