Responsibilities of Ethical and Sustainable Fulfillment.

The excellence of packaging and order fulfillment

In the age of online shopping, it feels as though little attention is being paid to exactly how millions of packages arrive at their destinations. Think less "chubby jolly fella flying through the night's sky carried by 12 magical reindeer" and more about massive packaging warehouses, now called "Fulfillment Centers" bustling with employees, a host of warehouse equipment, and inventory management technology, with the entire operation working simultaneously to achieve that next day delivery. Online shopping has become such an integral part of everyday life that most shoppers think nothing of this very complex process until a delay or problem occurs. For the most part, this is one of the metrics that an e-commerce enterprise knows the complex logistical system is functioning semi-properly. Essentially, as each item is ordered and subsequently delivered on time, without issue, a customer likely spends little to no thought as to how this happened. 

I have always found the world of logistics fascinating. Take for instance, the definition of Logistics "the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies." Giant retail corporations have created massive operation models that allow us easy access to and next-day-delivery of the goods that our heart's desire. While shopping this holiday season, hunting for the best deals and or perfect gifts for friends and family, take a moment to think about where you are spending your hard-earned dollar. Beyond the goods and services you are purchasing, does the company you support provide ethical and fair treatment for their employees? Not only is this brand conscious of how they source goods and components, do their employed personnel or contracted parties make a livable wage? How does this brand transport their goods? Do they make an attempt to reduce emissions or at the very least use repurposed or recycled materials in effort to offset their carbon foot-print? Do they make any of these practices available to you on a FAQ or shipping policies page? Or are their supply chain protocols and logistical operation models a dirty little secret and kept hidden from public? Daunting challenges face our friends, families, and communities today and in the future will be inescapable. Slowing climate change, aligning cost of living with equitable pay will never be avoided simply by a little team work from our elected officials or by expecting a few big companies to take responsibility in confronting these existential crises. Real change will require "Both + And". The "And" part of this simple equation is up to our collective voices and the actions we take or do not take as knowledgeable consumers of both goods and information. This can begin with small actions like taking responsibility to be informed on facts, less by social media posts shared amongst like minded groups. Appreciating the difference between media and journalism. Understanding that when or where we decide to spend our almighty dollar is analogous to casting a tiny little vote toward how the future of our society and greater world will look, feel, and function. 

Zenwaro is by no means a corporate institution big business brand, nor is it our ambition to strive and become such an entity. Instead we prefer to always remain as a humble and nimble enterprise providing beautiful quality made artifacts, accessories, lighting, furniture jewelry and more to our valued patrons in an ethical and affordable manner. Our products are crafted by true artisans whose work provides a profoundly positive impact for their communities, all the while keeping our logistics and fulfillment models in check with the carbon footprint that we create. The following policies, procedures, and initiatives are just a few of the protocols that we have invested in. It is our responsibility to place values over profit and serve every customer that supports this cause to the very best of our capabilities.

How to package fragile products

Upon opening this package, do not discard packing materials until all pieces on order are accounted for. In the unlikely event of a damaged item, if packaging, box, or label are discarded, it is unlikely that we can successfully process a claim on your behalf. Zenwaro must be notified of any damage within 5 days of receiving this shipment. These are the preferred carrier's rules that we must follow. Thank you.

80% of Zenwaro's packing materials are either repurposed or completely recycled! Over the years, we have worked vigorously to partner with several local Las Vegas recycling yards, the World Market Center, and other packing facilities to relieve these organizations of their slightly used packing materials where and when possible. Each year Zenwaro salvages several hundred pounds of perfectly clean styrofoam sheets, foam wrap, bubble wrap, & cardboard that would usually end up in waste landfills. Achieving this level of sustainability has been more of  obligation to our mission statement rather than a boost to the quarterly financial statements. Yep, we are tree huggers and we wear this badge with pride! You can take pride in supporting our mission to remain authentic, fair trade, and environmentally sustainable.

Have you ever received a package from Amazon or another large third-party retailer that looks like it was packaged by someone who had little regard for the purchase you made? This situation, verified by observations of both friends and family, is becoming way too frequent. This is why Zenwaro has invested greatly in our packaging practices and protocols. We want every customer to not only receive their purchase safely and without damage but just as important, the unpacking and opening of a much anticipated order should produce excitement, intrigue, and downright bliss not unlike the emotions one feels upon walking into your favorite store.

This is why we take the necessary time curating each package with thoughtful presentation. We regularly include additional handmade gifts within every package, and personalized letters thanking our patrons for their business. We recognize that our customers do not approach ordering from Zenwaro as just another online transaction they often have a wonderful intentions for and an emotional connection to the items in their shopping cart. While it's true that not every customer shares their intention for ordering a particular item we understand that more often than not this sentiment and connection does exist therefore it is our responsibility to both respect and honor it through our dedication to customer service and thoughtful fulfillment.

Branded packaging and gift wrapping

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