Illumination and ambiance combined, the aesthetics of creative lighting.

by Marianne Freeman February 09, 2021 1 Comment

Illumination and ambiance combined, the aesthetics of creative lighting.

Our Mediterra Collection of lighting has been an alliance of 2 very different techniques and artistries.  The iron craftsman who forms by hand the cage of wrought iron and all of the accompanying hardware, and the glass blower who takes that iron skeletal structure and expertly blows into it the molten glass.

A variety of unique pendant lights are included in our Mediterra Collection, but lately we have seen that the most requested design is the Granada which is probably the simplest design in this collection.  The name Granada originates from the Spanish city of Granada, which when occupied by the Moors in the 8th century, was populated with numerous pomegranate trees. Spanish word for pomegranate the pendant resembles the shape of this most decadent fruit.

Pendant lighting

But as with most items that we have presented on our website, it is the customer who has the vision and creates a different interpretation for the item.  The Granada design with the aqua blue glass has been chosen for its resemblance to antique glass fishing floats that were originally created in Norway around 1840 and used for deep sea fishing.  This pomegranate shaped sphere now takes on a  coastal style presence and is easily incorporated into a variety of interior designs that seek to introduce a bit of the "vacation getaway to the ocean" ambiance.

All of our Mediterra pendant lights are available in a variety of blown glass colors that wherever they are placed emit a wonderful glow and a stunning reflection.  All are true combinations of ambiance, artistry, and functional lighting in one pendant light.  No two are ever the same!


Marianne Freeman
Marianne Freeman


Cofounder, Jefa(boss mom), and Team Member at Zenwaro™

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mary angulo
mary angulo

June 13, 2021

We love your work! Question: In one area of the Description on the Granada Pendant Light, it appears to be measured as 12" dial and there’s another description, (lower on the page) that refers to it as being 15" diameter. Please can you tell us the exact dimensions?

Mary Angulo

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