Light Up Your Life

Light Up Your Life
Lighting is an area of architecture and home décor that is often overlooked or only considered as an afterthought in the final design. Lighting affects our moods, attitudes, health and so much more. We found artisans in Mexico who already knew what beautiful lighting is all about.
Our early adventures in central Mexico introduced us to the incredible art of glass blowing (vidrio soplado), and to artists who have developed these techniques and incorporated designs, colors, and elements of metal that have taken the use of glass in lighting to new levels of functional artistry.
As Zenwaro has grown, so have the various designs in our Movement and Mediterra Collections, the most intricate and beautiful designs involve the combination of iron and blown glass. Working closely with Alejandro in his studio in Tonala, we develop new designs and shapes that will enhance a variety of homes and public spaces Once Alejandro has created the iron cage that forms the eventual shape of the fixture, he takes it to Gabi’s glassblowing studio where the fragile artistry begins. If the glass breaks, there is no “fixing” it. It is a matter of starting over. The result is a creation that gives a whole new definition of lighting.
Our Movement and Mediterra collections incorporate glass and metal to produce unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that offer artistic elements and provide functional lighting in a space, and the right amount of ambiance. Sometimes a little atmosphere or even a bit of romance is all that is needed.
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