Pendant Lighting. Intriguing Illumination is in the Details.

Pendant light hand blown glass and metal hanging light

The Mediterra Lighting Collection is what quality artisan craftsmanship and ecological sustainability look like when combined. It is interesting how different industries throughout Mexico have incorporated recycling and sustainable manufacturing practices into their business models. A practice in this emerging nation which is less a form of eco-friendly awareness, but rather a function that artisan studios implement for fundamental and operational purposes, i.e.- "there is this low cost slightly used material that we can repurpose in-order to create a product so why don't we use that instead of the expensive new material". An example of this is what some consider single use glass bottles, artisan glass blowing studios consider as source material for creative ingenuity.

Sustainable Artisan Manufacturing at Scale

The glowing globes and glass shades of each pendant within the Mediterra lighting collection started out as discarded glass bottles. It is a function of Mexico's "let no salvageable material go to waste" mentality that allows artisans to stretch the life cycle of goods and materials. Therefore what was once an empty soda or water bottle is now an necessary component in a creative pendant light illuminating homes, restaurants, and hotels across the world.

Many years ago when we stumbled upon these primitive, rustic, and down-right crude lighting designs a few thoughts we shared were- "Wow these are very interesting shapes!" and also "No one will ever feel safe actually installing one these in their home, restaurant, or establishment”. While Mexico’s artisan and craftworker community does not lack ingenuity for how to extend the life cycle of materials, sometimes they possess a different understanding for terms such as “quality control", "market ready", and "up to code”.

Authentic Lighting Forged By A Union Of Master Ironwork & Artisan Glass Blowing. Incorporating Hi-Quality Electrical Components and Decorative Mounting Hardware to Enhance the Aesthetics of Functionality. 

Pendant lighting Accent lighting and hardware

01. Solid Steel Ceiling Canopy in Oxidized Rust finish, fitted with handmade Solid Brass Colonial Loop with Wire Way. Every pendant is suspended from Flat Brick Decorative chain 32"in length. Crafted with superior craftsmanship, durability, and beauty. We selected a best-in-class Hardware decorative chain not only for its quality & durability but also for its authentic design and true antique copper finish. | 02.The Queen Pendant is the largest pendant light in the Mediterra Lighting Collection this clear glass and iron pendant will compliment a wide rage of different motifs and decor styles. | .03 Inside each ceiling canopy is Industry standard UL rated solid steel Mounting Cross Bar Brackets with Ground input which allow for light dimming capabilities. Mediterra ceiling medallions are designed to have a simplistic yet modern shape in matching finish subtly complementing the pendant  includes internal mounting hardware.

The challenge of transforming a product is no easy task. To basically striping it down to the nuts and bolts in-order to rebuild it with better design qualities and improving the functional details requires learning, time, and dedication. This delighted us with the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and go to work side by side with each artisan studio to refine the individual lighting designs. 
Essentially we needed to level up the quality control of production and incorporate hi-quality electrical components and mounting hardware to enhance the aesthetics while greatly improving functionality. Excessively focusing on the mundane features and elements like the thickness and gage of the steal bars used to create the ornate and flowing cages that the glass shades are mouth blown into. The process also required us to do our research and geek out over high-standard UL / CSE certified electrical components. And to spare no expense in augmenting decorative mounting hardware that would not only match the artisanal finishes of each lighting design but could safely accommodate a range of installation requirements.

On Display and In-Person @BerbereWorldImports Los Angeles CA, 90301 

Znewaro lighting on display in showroom of Berbere World Imports
01 - 02. A cluster of Granada Pendant Lights on display in Berbere Imports located in Inglewood CA, a stones throw from LAX. Well worth a visit if you're planning a trip to SoCal or on a few hour layover. Berbere is LA's premier design warehouse with the best in
furnishings and decor from 26 countries. 40years of experience and 42,000sq ft showroom that is a cultural mirage hidden in the concrete jungle. Obviously Berbere has exquisite taste and what they source does blow minds and sets trends. No Doubt!
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