Navigating through the Artisan Process, Part 2

December 22, 2020

Talavera Bowls, Talavera dog bowls

Last year it was back to the hunt for a new artist as we discovered that the quality of craftsmanship was declining and our efforts to improve upon the situation were not working. We are now working closely with Alejandro who has been a professional all the way through. We've had a few snags and hiccups ("hipo" in Spanish), but each order has produced a better pet bowl than the last, and for this we are grateful.
The thoughtful simplistic shape of our bowls took several months to perfect. Starting with the inside of the bowl, as pet owners for most of our lives we’ve had experience will all types of feeding and water bowls. We wanted the inside trough of the bowl to have a deep dished out center to allow for holding the most food/liquid as possible. Also, we know our pets are usually messy and sometimes fast eaters so we created smooth consistent concave shape “a perfect 1/2 circle” no rounded corners or crevasses for food to get stuck in. This design element achieves 2 things 
1) Reduces the likelihood your pet will have to work to munch their food, especially with big dogs when they have to overly work to get at the food this causes them to push the bowl that can cause damage to the bowl.
2) The perfectly concave 1/2 sphere shaped trough ensures a bowl that is licked clean no corners for uneaten kibble to get stuck in.
I still have my original sketches of the first designs and think I can create pretty good visuals to enhance this blog story.
Talavera pottery, Talavera Bowls, Talavera Dog Bowls
   It is common for mass produced ceramic or porcelain pet feeding bowls to have straight up flat sides with a tiny lip around the top of the bowl. This design flaw makes it very difficult to handle the bowl, especially when the bowl is filled with food or water and is heavier this can cause the bowl to slip out of your hand and possibly break. 
Not too difficult of a fix… 
When designing the ceramic mold for the very first of our bowls to be created from we opted to go with a slightly angled outer side of the bowl. This subtle angle allows for a more secure grip when handling especially when handling the bowl with one hand as is often the case when we are feeding a team of hungry hounds we always are doing 5 things with just 2 hands.
At Zenwaro we enjoy rethinking everyday products. Designing them to be beautiful in form and function then injecting them with the color and culture found in Mexico so that the end design enhances the beauty and authenticity of your lifestyle.
Feeding and Water Bowls that express your appreciation for color, creativity, and culture that your furry companion will appreciate for his/her lifetime.

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