Where it all began.

May 18, 2020

Skyline of San Miguel de Allende

A brief history of our unique brand.

The adventure really began when we took a quick trip with friends to a resort area located in the central Baja Peninsula region on the Sea of Cortez; specifically the town of Loreto. We went there a few times because it was a quick getaway and still fairly undiscovered and uncommercialized. We wandered as much as we could, being the vagabonds that we are, but were limited because there were no cars available to rent. We then found a local taxi and the driver took us to the closest town (90 miles north) that we had researched, Mulege, and enjoyed the incredible coastline of Baja. After 3 trips to the central area and 1 trip to Cabo San Lucas, we found ourselves wanting to experience much more of the culture and history of Mexico. So a few years later the opportunity was presented to travel to Guadalajara and surrounding area to meet with artisans and truly experience the heart, soul, and different cultures of Mexico.

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Primitive ceramic sculptures for home decor.
Why we call it, Hermano. Working with artisans while creating life long bonds.

February 23, 2021

Herman was now Hermano. This endearing Spanish term translates simply to "brother", and represents the bond that Harry throughout his life and travels in Mexico created with a number of artisans Rafael Pineda bing one of many.

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Illumination and ambiance combined, the aesthetics of creative lighting.
Illumination and ambiance combined, the aesthetics of creative lighting.

February 09, 2021

This pomegranate shaped sphere now takes on a coastal style presence and is easily incorporated into a variety of interior designs that seek to introduce a bit of the "vacation getaway to the ocean" ambiance.

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January 24, 2021

...more than a gift that fills an expectation, but one that expresses a heartfelt sentiment.

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