Searching For A Miracle

Searching For A Miracle

 Each and every item presented on our website is a find. Sometimes they come from an intentional search, and sometimes we get lucky. Our Milagro Collection began as an accidental discovery while wandering through the tiny shops in Patzcuaro, Michoacan,Mexico, and eventually to the artist who creates them.

The Spanish word "milagro" literally means “miracle”.  In the Catholic churches in the smaller villages in central Mexico, you will find small baskets filled with tiny tin charms.  They come in the shapes of everything, from eyes, arms, trucks, and cows, to ears of corn, houses, pets, breasts, and anything else imaginable in our lives that we may need help with. Sometimes, we believe only a miracle can fix the problem.

As is the tradition, the individual who needs a miracle enters the church, selects the milagro that represents the problem that needs a miracle to fix it, leaves a small donation, and says a prayer for assistance with the problem. 

There is a true cultural and spiritual meaning to the Milagro, and it has also been incorporated into decorative items that are carved from the local avocado wood found throughout Michoacan such as crosses, hearts, carvings of saints, and then encrusted with the tiny milagros.  Each milagro is hammered onto the carved wood to create a unique work of art. No two are ever the same.

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