The Zenwaro Customer. Creative minds from all walks of life.

The Zenwaro Customer. Creative minds from all walks of life.

Of all walks of life and professions, from eccentric collectors and disciplined minimalists, to the artistically gifted and the are more numerically proficient. What defines a Zenwaro customer is not their ethnicity, educational background, profession of choice not even their taste for decor and fashion.

The common nature that most of our individual patrons share is their ability to think and live creatively. Their appreciation for travel, culture, and enlightenment is both expressed and infused into the personal life they lead and share amongst their family and friends.

By day occupational therapist / professional tax preparer / nutritionist / cosmologist / insert range of professional career titles. But when the uniform is removed and the work is done, these creative minds express their individuality at home. Sometimes with the help of an interior designer and sometimes led only by their innovative nature with an ambition to create a living environment that cannot be purchased from a weekend visit to Ikea then subsequently summoned for delivery. The tedious tasks of decorating, illuminating, and furnishing are considered enjoyable or fulfilling projects for these creative patrons. They draw from a variety of inspirations be it travel, a grouping of various Pinterest boards, and possibly hours spent sourcing ideas from Houzz. In short these creatives do not apply the same shopping proclivity used while hunting for a flat screen TV or other house hold appliances.

home decorating ideas

01. Courtesy of a husband and wife team who spent their every free moment of the last year remodeling a mid-70's style ranch house in Carefree AZ. Our perfectly placed Granada pendant with dimmer switch to create the mood. | 02. Talavera Longhorn from our Tierra Collection is the center piece of an outdoor arrangement in Midland TX, photo was taken post 2021 Texas storm Uri. | 03. Hand painted Talavera pet bowls the customer(Michelle) selected one size larger in anticipation of their Rhodesian Ridge-back's (Walter) future growth.

The home becomes the empty canvas, their life experiences provide both the brush and the color. Often but not always these creative minds are furever animal lovers. Surrounded by a few angels with whiskers, these ambitious creatives seek  not to fill their home with an endless amount of meaningless objects rather to inject their space with elements of culture, love, and joy from around the world that they have experienced or are still yet destined to visit.

Join us on this blog series of exploring some of our Customer's Stories and lives as we share the unique aspects about what makes them wonderfully creative. Not simply with their ideas for home decor but how they have incorporated some of our products to improve their lives while giving back to their family and community.

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