We are serious about recycling

by Marianne Freeman May 29, 2020

We are serious about recycling

There are various aspects to Zenwaro that involve recycling, but one area, in particular, is our Movement Collection where every glass item is created from recycled glass. That last bottle of Coke or your Corona beer probably eventually appears in a pile like the one in the photo outside of one of our glass blowing studios in central Mexico. The art of glass blowing, known in Spanish as "vidrio soplado" has been perfected in the city of Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico.  You will see many items created from glass as you pass by the numerous shops in Tonala, but it is down the back alleys and side streets where the real artistry begins.  If you are expecting to discover these amazing blown glass items being created in some elaborate studio, keep searching. It is amidst humble surroundings that blown glass appears.  Because, by its very nature, the process creates a lot of heat in the surrounding area, most studios are open-air, no air conditioning will be found here and in the smaller studios, there may barely be a roof.  When the rainy season begins in early June, the studios often experience major challenges with the water that often invades their tallers. Yet, despite all obstacles, items of amazing beauty are created by artisans who are not only skilled but are passionate about their work.  We are proud to present their creations to an audience who might never otherwise experience such beauty.

Marianne Freeman
Marianne Freeman


Cofounder, Jefa(boss lady), and Team Member at Zenwaro™

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