Where Zenwaro comes from...

by Clayton Freeman December 11, 2021

Where Zenwaro comes from...


a very high form of enlightenment. Usually studied within Buddhist monasteries, this ancient practice emphasizes enlightenment by the most direct means, accepting formal studies and observances only when they form part of such means. Zen practices can also be found dating back to ancient philosophers like Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.


The literal Spanish translation of Sanctuary is "Santuario". This beautiful word can also be translated as shrine or sanctum to us "Santuario" means "home." A home or Sanctuary is the space where we spend some of the most important moments of our life. Often, it is where we go to find peace and to heal. It is the domain where we cook and share delightful food with friends and family. Home is where we hang our art and place our furniture. It is the place that we make our own.

Therefore the meaning of Zenwaro is a "Sanctuary of Zen."

Zenwaro provides products that are handmade by true artisans. These products are crafted with great talent and are influenced by culture. Our products tell a story both of craftsmanship and artistry, emphasizing quality and the aesthetics of great design and function. Upon introducing them into your Sanctuary, you will find they will often bring about moments of Zen.

In the early days and weeks of 2018, our humble team began working on a few big changes within our brand. Daunting and unfathomable these "plans for change" were when we understood that a restructuring was quite necessary.

Toward the end of 2017, to the dismay of our many dedicated patrons, we decided to close the last of our retail brick and mortar locations. A decision that was reached through much introspection, a lot of analysis, and a very heavy heart.
For three decades, this family-owned and operated business stretched from the four corners of Colorado to the desert valley of Las Vegas. An amazing opportunity to build delightful boutiques and home decor showrooms known as Daniel's West, Tesoro Trading, and San Miguel Trading. Truly a labor of love it had been to create and operate these showrooms that allowed us to offer a range of services and share artwork, lighting, furniture, folk art, and so much more with both friends and patrons. Yet from 2008 through the advancing decade, the retail landscape had significantly changed in Colorado, Las Vegas, the greater west coast, and the entire United States. Online platforms and technology ushered in a new era of the retail experience for us all.
During this 2008 to 2018 period of significant disruption, we learned many lessons. As a family, we experienced profound tragedy not once but twice. We also recognized a notable change was taking place across the retail sector, yet understood a grander fundamental change was on the horizon for the entire industry; we just did not know that it would be significantly accelerated by a global pandemic.

No change or transition is easy. Change will always be a challenge.

To quote Marcus Aurelius in his book of Meditations "What stands in the way becomes the way."
More importantly, positive change should bring about new ideas and perspectives, new ways to communicate, and certainly new opportunities. In times of uncertainty we have learned there is one assurance that you can count on "change". After 24 months of formulating new policies and procedures, testing different fulfillment models, adjusting supply chain channels, researching market analysis data, essentially all of the forethought and not too sexy trench work necessary before pressing the "Play Button." The strategy that was started in 2018 was complete and with 2019 almost in the rearview, as a team, we decided to put one foot in front of the other and walk right into 2020, a year commonly remembered for not having the slightest remorse for planning.

Greatness, is in the agency of others!

One can never be sure if the paths they choose will lead toward the great destiny envisioned before embarking on the journey. Though it is irrefutable that great risks will be taken, lessons will be learned, remarkable friendships will be made, and an overall enlightening experience will be had. If both mind and heart are strong, and you surround yourself with friends, peers, partners whose abilities and dreams exceed your own, then it is likely that neither you nor your business will be the same as when the journey began.

When one door closes, we have learned that no less than 5 more beautifully carved wood doors open.
The Zenwaro online platform, customer service strategy and order fulfillment model that we have worked diligently to create and sustain are just a few of those "beautiful metaphorical doors." We have taken time to labor over our new website's design, aesthetic features, and rich content for several months! Refining the tiniest details to develop not just a website but more so an experience! Just as our lovely boutiques were thoughtfully constructed to escape the same old mundane decor shops, we have also built this site to be an authentic experience! We have dedicated countless months to creating a multifaceted platform filled with beautifully sharp product images and videos, allowing you to envision the beauty in your surroundings. Our website includes very detailed descriptions that will inform you of every unique detail of our products and their story, the inspiration behind them, and the artisans who pour their hearts into each creative detail. This site and blog journal is packed with the stories of our beloved artisans and the stories of our travels. We embarked on this journey with a few fundamental goals in mind- to create a platform that informs you of the artisan story, sparks your interests, and tells you how to create a unique and beautiful environment.

Clayton Freeman
Clayton Freeman


Cofounder, Product Designer, Team Member at Zenwaro™

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