Zenwaro Gift Card, Now Available

Zenwaro Gift Card, Now Available

Gift giving just got a little more personal.🎁

Gifting 101

Sometimes the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts are those where the recipient's personal taste and unique style is recognized. Not always is it easy to decide on a gift for a boss, co-worker, friend or loved one. It goes without saying that there will be far more challenging and complex decisions that we will make through out our lives. Gift giving should be an occasion where we rely both on our creative thinking and keen sense of picking up on the little details of what makes the recipient unique and appreciated.

Step One: Remove all ego from the decision making process, remember it is not about you or possibly the hidden message you intend to convey in purchasing a specific gift.  
Example: I want my significant other to cook more often. Therefore I am going to purchase a full set of expensive cutlery, knowing full well my significant other currently struggles with the process of successfully steaming rice.

Step Two: Be mindful of occasion and the relationship between you and recipient.

Step Three: Acknowledge the subtle details that you appreciate about the recipient. Celebrate their style, their hobbies, and acknowledge their personality.

It is all about intention and celebrating the recipient. We encourage you to invite them in on the deciding process.

Zenwaro gift cards are now available in a variety of denominations.
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Gift Cards Can Be Used For

  • All featured and available products on Zenwaro.com
  • Shipping costs and any total values associated with your order.
  • Custom orders when purchased through Zenwaro.com
  • Zenwaro gift cards can only be redeemed at Zenwaro.com or in person at our shop in Las Vegas.
  • Gift Cards can be purchased and gifted by customers outside of the United States.
  • Multiple gift cards can be purchased at one time. 

     Zenwaro gift card

    Example of a Zenwaro digital gift card. With shop now and print features.

    How to access, use, and share / gift my Zenwaro Gift Card.

    • After you select your gift card amount enter all of your billing and other information, click purchase.
    • Be mindful of the email address that you provide during check out as this is where your gift card will be sent.
    • After completing your purchase you receive an email from Zenwaro with a digital copy of your gift card. That will include an alpha-numeric code and QR code unique to your gift card.
    • You can print a copy of the gift card or email it to the recipient.
    • Gift cards are valid for two years from date of original purchase.
    • Gift cards gan be used more than once provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.
    • More than one gift card be used towards a purchase, but you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card. 
    •  For any unforeseen reason that a refund should be needed after using a gift towards a purchase, upon review of situation and approval we are able to refund full amount to original gift card.

    We currently only offer digital gift cards which can be printed after check out by visiting the email you received from Zenwaro. 

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