Giant Loteria Card | Corazon #27 Black

Introducing our Oversized Devotion Loteria Cards. This giant and eye catching piece of wall art is an artistic twist of one of the worlds oldest card games known as “La Loteria”. The El Corazon #27 Black and Silver edition will make a statement in your decor with a taste of true culture mixed with contemporary style.

The artisan sculpted anatomical heart is hand sculpted from terra-cotta and hand painted in a vibrant Silver flake enamel. The glowing silver heart is a massive 15"tall and 12"wide. The heart connects to the ceramic tablet with an iron pin. The large ceramic card / tablet is equipped with a hook to hang on the wall. Artisan sculpted ceramic that is hand painted in rich colors finished with varnish rub. This unique piece of Folk Art is inspired by the old world card game known as La Loteria, originating in Italy in the 15th century & brought to Mexico in 1769.

Large | 24”w x 30”h x 15”depth (placard + heart sculpture)
*Measurements include Loteria placard and small sculpture.

Artisanal Process of Creation 
Very dense and durable ceramic which is fired in a Kiln that's heated by wood. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area). Equipped to hang on wall. A dimensional sculpture, that is fused with metal wires which allow the accents (heart sculpture) to be moved / manipulated. 

The History of La Lotería...
Spanish for “the lottery”, Lotería is a card game that originated in Italy during the 15th century and was later brought to Mexico in the 1700's. Lotería began in the old country as a hobby for the richer or upper classes of Spanish society, but eventually the card games popularity thrived in Mexico to become a big tradition for all classes of Mexican society. Sometimes referred to as the "Mexican game of chance" Loteria is similar to bingo. Using images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers on ping pong balls. Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. Each player has at least one tabla, a board with a randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures with their corresponding name and number. Players choose what tabla they want to play with, from a variety of previously created tablas. Each one presents a different selection of images.

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