Girasol Hand Sculpted Catrina.

The Girasol Catrina stands 18” tall. Hand sculpted from raw clay with great detail, from the knuckles on her hand to the feathers, flowers, and fur on her sombrero and shawl. This is an original sculpture crafted completely by hand by the renowned and very talented artist “Lauriano”. This and all other Catrina that Lauriano sculpts are kiln fired for several hours in a traditional red brick oven. Her dress is hand painted in vibrant yellow with Sunflowers flowers that extend up from the bottom the dress to her hips. This Girasol Catrina was created in the Colonial town of Morelia located in Michoacán Mexico.

What's Included.

This Catrina is made up of 2 pieces (the body and the head).

Certificate confirming that this it is an original work of art. An Authentic Catrina hand made by artists located Michoacán Mexico, and imported by San Miguel Trading.

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