La Monarca| Hand Sculpted Catrina

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La Monarca "The Monarch" Catrina is an original work of art. Cultural folk art celebrating a natural wonder that is intrinsically tied to the region of Mexico where this sculpture was created. The migration of the Monarch butterfly and the artistry of Catrina sculpting are native to the State of Michoacán Mexico like apple pie is to the United States. Over 50 monarch butterfly sculptures cover La Monarca catrina each butterfly is individually sculpted from terracotta and hand painted. Individual butterfly figures attach to the surface of the body and elegant sombrero via small metal pins. The butterflies are inserted one x one when the clay is still raw then become fused to the terracotta during the kiln fire/curing process. The sculpture is painted by hand in dark black with a satin finish.

Important Receiving Clause.
Individual Catrina Eleganté are extremely fragile and delicate. Therefore Zenwaro fulfillment team has developed very specific handling information and instructions. These instructions and policies are provided to individual customers and require purchasing customers full consent to follow receiving instructions and understanding of tested handling protocols before moving to the packaging and order fulfillment stage.  


La Monarca Catrina is made up of three pieces.

  • The head and elegant sombrero is solid with a long metal pin which inserts into the neck of the Catrina's body.
  • COA(certificate of authenticity) signed by the artist Marcos Perez confirming that it is an original work of art.


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications

  • 22"tall x 6"wide x 6.5"depth / 56cm x 26cm x 18cm *entire sculpture body + head.
  • Weight: 6Lbs | 2.72Kg.
  • *Measurements account for the entire sculpture.

How It's Made

This Catrina is hand sculpted from raw earthenware. Because of the force field of monarch butterflies which surround the surface of La Monarca catrina the process of creation for this particular Catrina differs from other catrina figures. The sculpting and shaping of the Catrina and the raw clay butterfly figures requires several days. Each of the over 50, 1"wide monarch butterflies is individually inserted into the surface of the raw clay via small metal pins. After this tedious process is completed the raw clay sculpture is placed in a large traditional red brick kiln that is heated naturally by wood. Individual Catrina figures are fired and cured for several hours. This curing process bonds the metal pin to the terracotta butterflies. Once properly cured the sculpture is removed form the kiln, and prepared for the next step in this multifaceted artisanal process. This particular La Monarca Catrina is hand painted with a mixture of life-like colors that compliment the raw emotion that this sculpture carries. Marcos Perez is the lead sculptor and painting artist for each original Catrina figure. He leads a small group of creative apprentices from his family and greater artisan community of Patzcuaro, Michoacán Mexico. Sr. Perez is a celebrated, accomplished, and award winning artist.

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Artisan Story

Marcos Perez lives in the state of Michoacán Mexico. As a visual artist Sr. Perez uses the untamed natural beauty of this lush forested territory as a constant inspiration for the Catrina figures that he sculpts and paints by hand. This authentic Catrina sculpture is part of our Catrina Elegante Collection. Señor Perez leads a small group of creative apprentices from his family and greater artisan community of Michoacán. He is a celebrated, accomplished, and award winning artist. His studio grants apprenticing opportunities that provide artists in his community an opportunity to practice their work.

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