Loteria Card Wall Art | El Nopal #39.

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The El Nopal #39 limited edition La Loteria sculpture part of the Devotion Collection. This Zenwaro signature Loteria is a celebration of historic Mexican folklore, the natural beauty found in the desert landscape, and a bit of new-age artisan culture. 


This Large Devotion Loteria Sculpture is made up of multiple pieces.

  1. Large nopal/cactus appendages sculpted from terracotta with adjustable metal arms.
  2. Large terracotta loteria card/tablet.
  3. Metal J-hook 25Lbs capacity. 

*The detached Large nopal/cactus appendages connect to the loteria tablet via solid metal pins, nopal/cactus appendages can be adjusted and placed to liking. On the backside of each large terracotta card has a large metal hook. Both iron pin and large metal hook are fused into the raw terracotta before the piece is fired/cured in the kiln.  


Dimensions | Weight | Specifications.

  • 10”w x 14”h x 4”depth | 25.5cm x 35.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Weight: 7lbs | 3.15Kg (ceramic placard + heart sculpture)
  • *Measurements include Loteria placard and small sculpture.

*Dimensions, weight will vary slightly. Sculptures are individually handmade and hand painted.These artisanal qualities impart a work of original art, authenticity.

How It's Made

The sculpted ceramic and metal stems of the cactus securely mount to the Loteria card can be removed and adjusted to display exactly the way you prefer. The large ceramic card / tablet is equipped with a hook to hang securely on the wall.

This Loteria sculpture includes two metal pins with prickly pear cactus extensions that are sculpted and painted by hand. A dimensional sculpture, this fusion of metal wires and ceramic figures allow the accents to be moved / manipulated. A thought provoking and eye catching work of art and will make a statement in your decor.

Artisanal Process of Creation
Very dense and durable ceramic which is fired in a Kiln that's heated by wood. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area).

Artisan Story

Zenwaro's collaborative relationship with the artist and master ceramicist, Rafael Piñeda began 12 years ago. Mentored by an uncle who was a sculptural working with terracotta clay. Rafael’s immediate family does not lack talented ceramicists, both uncles and one aunt are accomplished ceramic artists. 

Rafael’s mentoring uncle was visually impaired and years later became completely blind. But the lack of sight never halted Luis's devotion for sculpting, rather he continued working until his death in 2019. Rafael cures/bakes all of his pieces in a wood-fired kiln. Rafael has resisted the urge to convert his production model to a gas-fired, modern kiln. Rafael’s creativity observes the "traditional way" where he can control every aspect of the firing process.

To learn more about the world's oldest card game La Lotería and how the artwork of the cards has been creatively translated to original sculptural wall-art part of the Devotion Collection. La Lotería. A Historical Game Of Chance Translated Into A Work Of Art.

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