Vintage Carved Wings, Sculptural Wall Art

A statement piece that represents all of the love, joy, and spiritual freedom that life affords. The carved wood floating wings are a set of two and the only of their kind. They are equipped with two solid steel mounting plates, which allow for secure hanging and visually provide a suspended simplicity to this profound piece of wall art.

Mounting Brackets: included with the set of wings are 2 solid steel i-brackets ⎶. The sturdy welded beams are 6"in length and were custom made explicitly for this work of sculptural wall art. Each bracket has 8 pre-drilled holes allowing for secure mounting and provide both depth and wonderful floating quality. *Consult a professional for proper and safe instal. ⎶

The carving artist is unknown. This is common for authentic antique carved wood art such as this piece.

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Dimensions and Specifications

  • 56"h x 24"w x 4"thick | individual wing
  • 56"h x 47"w x 12"deep(from wall) | Both wings when mounted on wall.
  • Media:  mesquite wood
  • Region of Origin: Guanajuato Mexico
  • 100Lbs total weight (both wings and brackets).
  • Age: 50+ years
  • The only one of its kind; there is no other similar design and size available.

The hand painted finish is just as stunning as the hand carved design. The off white beige color provides the base mixed with subtle hints of provincial stain and rubs of gold enamel. The back side of either wing exhibits the raw heartwood and unfinished dramatic mesquite wood grain.

Carving Details
Hand carved, finished and painted by hand. The back side of either wing has the raw and unfinished mesquite wood grain.

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