Vintage Izamal Planter

A planter / large vase to convey primitive indigenous culture and authenticity with your home. This oversized vintage container was most likely used by the indigenous people of central and southern Mexico as a Tibor or vessel to hold and preserve seeds or other agricultural products.  

The architectural, flowing design of the Izamal vessel is reminiscent of its prehispanic function yet lends drama to contemporary decor. This simple but large and dramatic container is suitable for planting, but can easily be placed as a stand-alone statement piece.

This planter includes a hand-forged iron base/mount.

  • Free Shipping Anywhere in the Continental US.
  • One-of-a-kind authentic vintage planter. Estimated age: 100 years.
  • Once sold will not be available again.

Dimensions and Specifications 

  • 24"h x 15"dia at widest point.
  • 31"h with base.
  • 6.6"dia mouth(inner diameter)
  • Large vase can be sealed for planting protection upon request. At check-out enter request in "Notes" section / field.

Suggested Plants- Kentia Palm (young), Meyer Lemmon tree (young), Bougainvillea.

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