Vintage Oaxacan Distillery Pot, Large Terracotta Planter

A large vintage pot that embodies the primitive indigenous artisan culture from which it was originally created over 100 years ago. Covered largely in a deep gun smoke blue like an overcast sky that is about to produce rain. This transitions into a foggy white and shades of terracotta. The finish is smooth to suave similar to chalk board. The color is 100% natural, via decades of rain, oxidization, and exposure to elements. Hand-thrown from terracotta clay, this particular planter or pot has a tribal-style ring etched towards the top, with a fluted neck. Discovered and reimagined to be an authentic planter in your home. This oversized vintage jug was originally handmade to distill and transport agave nectar.

What's Included: Pot and hand-forged iron stand with hair pin legs.

  • Free Shipping Anywhere in the Continental US.
  • One-of-a-kind authentic vintage planter. Estimated age: 100years.
  • Once sold will not be available again.
  • If container is being used for potting live plant. *Please enter message in the notes section at check-out. Pot will then be properly sealed and prepared for use. *Service is free of charge.

Dimensions and Specifications 

  • 24"h x 17"dia at the widest point.
  • 32"h with base.
  • 8"dia mouth(inner diameter)
  • Weight- 35Lbs Includes metal stand 
  • Interior of pot can be sealed for planting protection upon request. *At check-out enter request in "Notes" section / field.

Suggested Plants- Kentia Palm (young), Meyer Lemmon tree (young), Bougainvillea.

More About the Roots of This Vintage Vessel.

Tínaja Tee-nah-hah originally used by the indigenous people of central and southern Mexico to hold and distill a fermented alcoholic beverage, Pulque, made from the sap of the maguey plant(plant of the agave family). 

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