Candelabra Paloma

A sculptural Candelabra hand crafted through a union of artisan sculpted ceramic and hand blown glass. Each Paloma Candelabra is a 2 piece set includes 1 over sized primative Dove sculpture. The sculptural base is hand molded from ceramic and kiln fired at high temperatures for durability. Each ceramic dove base is hand painted in chic silver and flat white then finished with a varnish rub. Also includes 1 thick glass Aqua hurricane, 5"inches in diameter x 8"high.

Each glass hurricane is hand blown from recycled glass, the thickness of glass ranges from 1/4" to 1"inch. A clever fusion of Ceramic and Glass, with endless functions the perfect artistic accessory to enjoy year round.

20"h x 10"w x 18"deep
*measurements include both the base and glass hurricane.

The hand blown glass hurricane can accommodate candles of 4"3/4 inches in diameter. 

Collections: Devotion, Lighting, Mediterra

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