Devotion Lustrous Heart

The Devotion Lustrous heart is artisan sculpted by hand. Each heart is equipped to hang on the wall. Add charm and character to your decor with our Devotion Heart Collection. The sides and back of heart is hand painted in a chalky white, the scales are hand painted with a silver glossy enamel. The entire piece is finished with varnish rub.

Very dense and durable ceramic that is fired in a Kiln that is heated by wood. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area). Equipped to hang on wall.

Dimensions | 7” tall x 9” wide x 3.5” thick

The story behind our Devotion Hearts.
A unique collection of handmade decorative ceramic hearts. Artisan sculpted ceramic vestiges of love inspired by history, stories of romance, faith, and devotion. Each Devotion Heart is Hand molded from raw clay then fired in a large traditional red brick kiln. Several designs are fused with metal wires allowing the accents (wings, thorns, crosses) to be manipulated. Every sculpture is hand painted and embellished with bright silver and gold metallic paints. This collection is a true combination of old world craftsmanship & whimsical artistry. Every devotion heart carries a story and represents a unique feeling.

Collections: Artifacts, Devotion, Gifts

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