Baking Dish Vintage Catrina Hand painted Cookware

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Artisan made ceramic cookware with a folk art twist. Our Vintage Catrina Casserole Dish is hand molded from ceramic. Beautifully functional baking dish artisan painted by hand in dark blue accented with Mayolica patterns a stunning Day of the Dead Catrina fills the center of the dish. Original artwork adapted form "La Calavera" originally created by José Guadalupe Posada. Molded from dense and durable ceramic that is kiln fired with protective glaze at 1700˚F. Lead Free safe for high heat, dishwasher safe, and safe for complete use throughout your kitchen.


Capacity | Dimensions | Weight.

  • Inner Dish- 13"length x 8.5"width x 2"depth / 33cm x 20.3 x 5cm.
  • Outer Dims- 16"length(handles) x 10"width x 2.25"depth / 40.6cm x 25.5cm x 6.3cm.
  • Capacity- 70oz / 2070mL / 8.75cups. 
  • Weight- 4lbs / 1.8kg.

Capacity, dimensions, weight will vary slightly. Vessels are individually handmade and hand painted.These artisanal qualities impart authentic personality and wholly unique presence.

How It's Made

Quality Cookware Crafted By True Artisans.
After each casserole dish is molded from a mixture of raw clay it is ready to be cured using a double-bake and high-heat firing process. The cookware is first baked in a high-fire kiln at 1500˚- 1700˚F. The 2nd bake is done at the same high-heat. This bake occurs after the artwork has been hand painted on and the protective glaze has tediously been applied both inside and out of each dish. This glossy glaze protects the ceramic and hand painted imagery(allowing it to be both water and intense heat proof). The finish also draws out all of the colors and provides a true forever shine. This is quality made functional cookware crafted by true artisans.
All of our ceramic dinnerware and bakeware are handmade by true fair-trade artisans of Guanajuato Mexico.

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Artisan Story
A Folk-Art hero and Renegade of Mexico.

The original Catrina artwork that is hand-painted on each baking dish was adapted from original art created by José Guadalupe Posada "The father of the Catrina". ”La Calavera" was originally sketched in 1888 by Mexico’s first & most infamous satirical cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada.

To learn more about the artist known as Posada his life, his art, and how his life's work is intertwined with Dia de los Muertos. Read More>> 

A Celebration Of Life, Death, And A Folk Art Hero's Journey.

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