Frida Kahlo Mask | Tropical. Ceramic wall hanging sculpture

The definition of art imitating life. The iconic face of the renowned, beloved, and tortured Frida Kahlo, creatively interpreted into this wall hanging sculpture. We call this the Tropical edition, sculpted from kiln fired ceramic. Each wall hanging sculpture is equipped to hang on the wall, and includes a set of hand painted ceramic earrings.

10”w x 14”h x 5”depth

Hand painted with rich and life like colors by our talented Devotion artist Rafael Pineda. To say that Rafael has been inspired by Frida throughout his life as a master ceramist would be a mis characterization. Kahlo's talent to transform life experiences into art unlike any that existed before it, this ability exists within many talented artisans of Mexico. At times Rafael pay's homage to the complex painter of portraits whom inspired generations of Latin American artisans.

Artisanal Process of Creation 
Very dense and durable ceramic which is fired in a Kiln that's heated by wood. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area). Equipped to hang on wall. A dimensional sculpture, that is fused with metal wires which allow the accents. The flowers atop Fridas head are fixed with these metal wires allowing them to be moved or manipulated. 

The Devotion Collection

A whimsical collection of hand-painted ceramic sculptures and artifacts. These jovial and vibrant creations are Artisan Sculpted from dense and durable ceramic high-fired in a large traditional red brick kiln. All of the signature designs in this collection have a story of “Devotion” that inspired their creation. Wether it be Devoted to your love, the Devotion of a furry companion, or the devotion towards a belief, a craft, a lifestyle, and everything in-between. Our devotion is designing and creating these unique creations, several of which are fused with metal wires allowing the ceramic accents (wings, thorns, crosses) to be manipulated. Every sculpture is hand painted and embellished with bright silver and gold metallic paints. This collection is a true combination of old world craftsmanship & whimsical artistry. Enjoy!

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