Talavera Longhorn Sculptures | Small

More than just wall art, these sculptural ceramic cow skulls are hand painted by some the finest Talavera artisans of Mexico. Adorn your indoor or outdoor walls with a color and culture with this Artisan painted Talavera sculpture. The horns are hand painted in rich colors with black tips. Available in 3 colorful patterns- Red, Turquoise, and Blue. Each cow skull is hand painted in patterns, shapes, and colors influenced by traditional Talavera & Majolica artistry. Ceramic is kiln fired with a glossy durable finish safe for outdoor use equipped to hang on wall.


12"w x 12"h x 3"deep(at thickest point)
2Lbs total weight 

The Artisan Process Behind Creating Authentic Wall Art.

This oversized ceramic wall-hanging sculpture is hand sculpted from clay that is then high-fired in a large kiln. The ceramic sculpture goes through 2 baking process. The 1st bake allows the raw clay to dry and harden before it is hand-painted with Lead Free paint. The 2nd bake is done in high-fire kiln with protective glaze finish. The Glossy protective Glaze coat that is baked on in a high-fire kiln where temperatures reach 1200* - 1500*F. This high firing process allows the Cow Skull to be completely safe for outdoor display year-round. Each sculpture is artisan sculpted and completely hand painted, hand-painted Talavera patterns may vary slightly, fair trade artisan crafted.


Talavera, Cultural Beauty Painted By Hand.

Each Longhorn sculpture is individually painted by renowned Talavera artisans of Guanajuato Mexico. We partner with this group of fair-trade artisans, to create several beautiful pieces of folk-art and home decor. Their technique is inspired by the old-world painting style known as Talavera and Majolica their talent in this artistry has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Talavera style is a popular Mexican style used by crafters from Puebla, Tlaxcala, Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali. The indicator colors of this Mexican style is usually blue and white, but in recent decades artisans have added yellow, black, green, orange, and mauve to the style color palette. The color palette is made with natural pigments to get the right shades for the pottery.

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