Muertos Donkey Sculpture

Introduce a little character and culture into your home with our Muertos Donkey sculptures. Whimsical ceramic sculptures 100% artisan painted by hand. From their exaggerated mouth to beautiful hand-painted Talavera patterns that cover the head and base. The Muertos Donkeys are available in 2 sizes | Large and Small. They are part of our Muertos Animales Collection. Jovial and vibrant animal sculptures artisan crafted from kiln-fired ceramic inspired by Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Traditions. Each wonderful work of art is hand painted with colorful patterns that stretch from the back of the head to the tip of the ears. The ceramic base is hand painted with the same matching pattern. Each sculpture is signed by the talented artisan who painted it within our Tierra ceramic studios located in Central Mexico.
Large- 16"h x 7"w x 15"length
Small- 12"h x 4"w x 10"length
*Both measurements include entire sculpture.

Features / What's Included

Both large and small Muertos Donkey sculptures are made up of 2 pieces- the exaggerated ceramic head is fixed with a thick metal pin that inserts to the top of the neck on the body. The hand-painted ceramic base is fused to the to the body. The metal pin allows the head to swivel on the body, this unique feature allows you to display and adjust the sculpture just the way that you prefer. All pieces are included with each sculpture.

The Artisan Process Behind Creating These Unique Sculptures.

This unique ceramic sculpture is hand sculpted from clay that is then high-fired in a large kiln. The ceramic sculpture goes through 2 baking process. The 1st bake allows the raw clay to dry and harden before it is hand-painted with Lead Free paint. The 2nd bake is done in high-fire kiln with protective glaze finish. The Glossy protective Glaze coat that is baked on in a high-fire kiln where temperatures reach 1200* - 1500*F. Indoor or outdoor display, hand painted, one of a kind, each piece may vary slightly, fair trade artisan crafted. The Ceramic is kiln fired with a glossy durable finish safe for outdoor display.

Talavera, A Cultural Artistry.

Each Donkey is individually painted by celebrated Mexican Talavera artisans of Guanajuato Mexico. We partner with this group of fair-trade artisans, to create several beautiful pieces of folk-art like the Muertos Donkey. Their technique is inspired by the old-world painting style known as Talavera and Majolica, their talent in this artistry dates back centuries and has been passed down from one generation to the next.

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