Glass Decanter Hearts | Cobalt Blue

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Size Small 20oz


Hand blown Glassware that is functional art and handmade sustainably. Preserve your finest liquor or favorite beverage and serve with style! The Decanter Heart is comprised of three pieces the Heart Shaped Decanter, Iron Flower Cap, and Iron Vine stand. The Heart Shaped Decanter rests naturally in a hand-forged Iron Vine Stand. The hand-forged Iron Flower Cap is fitted with with a Cork. Individual corks are shaped for a tight custom-fitted to preserve your beverage.

Pop the flower cap/cork to find the long sleek bottle neck allows for a perfect pour!  The cobalt blue glass decanter hearts are only available in the small size for a limited time. Prefer your decanter heart in color? Shop our 3 other colors Aqua, Clear, Amber, and Red in glassware collection or the Movement Collection.


Each Decanter Heart consists of three pieces.

  1. Heart Shaped Decanter.
  2. Iron Flower Cap with cork. Satin Black color. Individual corks are shaped for a tight custom-fit in the bottle neck.
  3. Iron Vine Stand. Satin Black color. With 8 solid steel arms that are individually sculpted by hand to hold each size Zenwaro designed glass heart naturally. It is as though vines have grown around the heart. Sitting on 4 solid steel legs with felt padding.


Capacity | Dimensions | Weight. 

  • Small: 20oz| 13"h x 4"w x 6"deep / 33cm x 10.2cm x 15.25cm
  • Weight: 2.5Lbs / 1.15Kg *empty
  • *Measurements and weight include Iron Vine Stand, Decanter Heart, with Iron Flower Cap on top. 
  • Glass density: 1/8"-1/4"thick siding with hefty base that varies between 1/4"-1/2" thickness
  • Capacity, measurements, weight may vary slightly. Handmade glassware exhibits subtle wavy surfaces, imperfect rounded edges. Artisanal qualities provide Movement glassware authentic personality and wholly unique presence.

How It's Made

We have spent countless hours refining the components of this sculptural decanter to create a vessel that transcends multiple artistries and intersects with lasting utility.
Each decanter has a full and voluptuous heart shape with a long thick bottleneck to allow for a perfect pour each time. The top of the neck is firmly capped with a hand-forged Iron Flower Cap(black with soft-matte finish).
Secured to the flower cap is a natural cork stopper that we tediously shave and shape per-individual decanter ensuring a snug-tight fit into the bottle neck. The iron vine stand has 8 sculpted extensions in which the glass heart decanter rest naturally features a black coat with soft-matte finish.

Creating the Decanter Hearts, A Union of Diverse Artistries...
Discarded glass bottles are delivered at the glass blowing studio from local recycling collectors by the truck-load. The disposed glass is sorted, cleaned, crushed, and heated in large kilns where temperatures reach 1700˚F. The colorful dye made up of specific natural and non-toxic minerals like calcium and manganese is added at particular periods during the intense heating process that later develops into a rich and lasting color. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed voluptuous heart shaped molds.
Within the artisanal blacksmith lead by master artisan welder and blacksmith Alejandro Rodriguez creates the Iron Vine Stands one by one. Beginning with 1/4" thick solid steel bars that are cut into specific sizes then individual bars are heated, hammered, welded, and sculpted into an organic entirely unique Iron Vine Stand that have 8 sculpted solid steel arms to hold each size heart naturally it is as though vines have grown around the heart.

Artisan Story

A Zenwaro Original Design.

We have poured our hearts into designing this collection of Sculptural Decanters. What began as captivating glass art almost a decade ago, has transformed into “functional glass art”. Each hand-blown glass decanter heart is crafted to perfection with the purpose of preserving the finest wine or liquor, and also serving the beverage in style. Intended for use amongst the best of friends and loved ones, during the greatest of celebrations, always with class and a sense of responsibility. The shape and figure of each size glass heart decanter is a signature Zenwaro design. We design and create all of our authentic glass art and vessels in partnership with artisans in Central Mexico celebrated for their creativity and craftsmanship.

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