Talavera Pet Bowl | Bella Pattern

Artisan crafted pet bowls worthy of your "Best Friend". The Hacienda pattern pet bowls are available in 3 sizes. Our talented team of Talavera artisans free hand-paint each geometric and floral pattern on every bowl with great detail ensuring that no 2 bowls are exactly the same. Both paint and ceramic are Lead Free, the baking process we use allows the bowls to hold wet and dry food, dishwasher safe. Our pet bowls are both beautiful and durable, safe for either indoor or outdoor use.
Think there is a pattern that better matches your pets personality and style of your home, shop from 4 different authentic Talavera patterns all are hand painted by true Fair-Trade Artisans.

Dimensions | Capacity | Specifications.

• Large: 10"dia x 5"h
Holds up to 11 cups / 88 ounces / 2600mL
Total weight- 4lbs - 4.5Lbs / 1.8kg - 2.04kg *empty
• Medium: 9"dia x 4"h 
Holds up to 5 cups / 40 ounces 1180mL
Total weight- 3Lbs / 1.36kg *empty
•Small: 7"dia x 3"h
Holds about 2 cups / 12oz - 16oz / 400mL - 500mL
Total weight- 1.5lbs - 2Lbs / 680gm - 970grams *empty 

The Artisan Process Behind Creating our Talavera Pet Bowls.
Our hand-painted ceramic dog bowls used the entire Talavera color palette to create majestic imagery on them. They have the patterns and shapes influenced by traditional Talavera & Majolica artistry. Our dog bowls are twice baked in a high-fire kiln at 1200-1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2nd bake is done to the bowl with protective glaze finish to make it safe for holding food.

Hacienda Life, the inspiration behind this pattern.
Mexico is known for its hacienda life, and we wanted to bring a small piece of this lifestyle to our ceramic dog bowls. Our artisans paint each bowl with precise details reminiscent of the bella haciendas of Mexico. Each bowl is different, giving each of them character and individuality. Your pet is similar in character and individuality so treat them to a ceramic dog bowl separate from the rest.

Talavera. True Cultural Artistry.
Talavera style is a popular Mexican style used by crafters from Puebla, Tlaxcala, Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali. The indicator colors of this Mexican style is usually blue and white, but artisans have added yellow, black, green, orange, and mauve to the style color palette. The color palette is made with natural pigments to get the right shades for the pottery.

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