Ceramic Coaster set | Muerte Rider

More than just coasters to protect the surfaces of your home the Muerte Rider coaster set is vintage Day of the Dead cultural art adapted for the Motorcycle or Dia de los Muertos enthusiast in all of us. A splendid fusion of color and culture cleverly blended into this 4 piece ceramic coaster set. Each trivet is hand painted in a different color combination (Lime, Turquoise, Yellow, & Orange). The artwork that is hand-painted on each trivet was adapted from vintage era Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada. Hand crafted from ceramic that is high-fired with durable protective glaze. Made from Dense and durable ceramic that is kiln fired with protective glaze. Each trivet is fitted with cork padding on bottom. Safe for high heat / kitchen use.
4"squared x 3/4"thick
*measurements are of individual coaster.

The Inspiration Behind Our Muertos Coasters

This authentic trivet / coaster set is a Zenwaro signature design. Fusing retro lucent colors with art of vintage era Mexico is perfectly fitting for this trivet set. Part Andy Warhol, part Day of the Dead an old twist to an essential modern era home accessory. The original Catrina artwork on each trivet was adapted from José Guadalupe Posada (the father of the Catrina). ”La Calavera Catrina" was originally sketched in 1888 by one of Mexico’s first & most infamous satirical cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada.


The artwork of this coaster set is inspired by Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead and other vintage era folk art from Central Mexico. Check out our fascinating blog series that explores the history and the beauty that this celebration represents- Dia de los Muertos Part I and Dia de los Muertos Part II

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