Agave Shooters, hand blown glass tequila shot glasses

Artisan blown shot glasses for the avid connoisseur of fine tequila! Jalisco is the land of tequila. In the town of Tequila linear rows and rows of rich blue agave plants tattoo the landscape for miles. Inspired by this beautiful landscape, theses sturdy and true hand-blown glass shooters are the preferred vessel from which to enjoy quality made tequila or mezcal.

Available as a single shot glass... But far better to enjoy with your closest amigos in packages of 2, 4, and 6. The more you order the better the price!!!

Capacity | Dimensions
2.5 ounces.
4"high x 2"diameter  

Artisan Glass-Blowing, Jalisco Style.

Talented artisans hand-craft each agave glass tequila shooter to perfection. The beautiful artisan-blown, thick agave glass tequila shooters have a natural green-tinted rim, which is reflective of the classic Mexican glassware style. 

We have worked closely with a celebrated team of fair-trade artisans located in the beautiful state of Jalisco in an effort to perfect our agave glass shooters ensuring their authenticity and purity. These vessels were designed and created to serve the finest handcrafted tequila from Jalisco Mexico. We urge you to enjoy the smooth and rich flavors of an authentic tequila from these artistic glass vessels and to share with friends and family responsibly and always with class...

A Generation of Artisan Glass Blowers.

Quality glassware that is both beautiful and sustainably crafted by hand! To create these authentic shot glasses our team of talented fair-trade artisans work with recycled glass that's collected from local recycling yards. Mounds of discarded bottles are delivered by the truck-load to our studios. This old glass is separated, cleaned, and crushed; then shoveled into large kilns where temperatures reach up to 1500*F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into our signature designed molds. The vibrant green rim found at the mouth of each shot glass masks is achieved by adding specific natural dyes during the heating process.
As the glass cools the dye naturally takes shape around the rim of the vessel. 

When we wanted to create glass shooters for a smooth organic tequila, we went directly to the land of the agave, Jalisco Mexico. Jalisco is the seventh-largest state of Mexico and is located in the western portion of Mexico and lies next to the Pacific Ocean. The state is the birthplace of Mariachi music and the world's best tequila; two traditions passed down from one generation to the next that make for a great time when combined. The surrounding landscape of the Sierra Madres has for decades inspired teams of local artisans to create unique and beautiful mouth-blown glassware and glass art. 

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