Amistad Ceramic Sculpture

More than just a ceramic sculpture this lovely artisan crafted work of art represents the bond that exists between a human and their loyal companion. Amistad literally translates to “friendship” both devotion and joy are ever-present in this wonderful sculpture of a girl and her dog embracing each other. Each ceramic sculpture is finely painted with several layers of rich natural colors, the artist's attention to detail and technique ensures that no two sculptures ever look exactly the same. Our passion for all animals, in particular dogs, is a great inspiration behind several of the designs that we create in partnership with our extended family of talented artisans.



16"h x 15"w x 8"deep


Creating this splendid work of art!

This unique sculpture has a very smooth texture and satin finish. It is molded from ceramic that is fired and cured to perfection. After the raw clay is molded by hand it is then fired in a large kiln at temperatures reaching 1200* Fahrenheit. The cured ceramic is then sanded and rubbed by hand to remove any imperfections in the clay. The next step involves several layers of paints and watercolors that are applied by hand which bring out the true beauty of this piece. The painted sculpture is again placed back into the kiln for another bake, this second bake seals the paint colors and satin urethane, ensuring that the true colors will never fade away. Display Indoor or outdoor, keep away from pooling water, and extremely frigid temperates(0* Fahrenheit).


Included with each sculpture is a certificate signed by the artist who painted it!  Currently, we produce only a limited number of these “Amistad Devotion Sculptures” each year and no two are exactly the same. Available for pre-order each sculpture ships to your address within 4 weeks from point of order. Please contact us with any questions.

Collections: Artifacts, Devotion, Pets

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