Anatomical Hearts

The complexity and beauty of the human heart on display with a contemporary style. Our Devotion Anatomical Hearts are sculpted from ceramic and hand painted in either Gold or Silver. The anatomical details of each heart are accentuated with a mixture of varnish and gilded enamel that is applied by hand. Each sculpture is then rubbed and shaved to reveal the natural ceramic tones beneath. Each heart rests on a simple handmade iron stand with thick base. The details of the sculpture can be viewed and appreciated from 360 degrees. Choose either gold or silver.

5"width x 5"depth x 10"height
Weight: 5Lbs | 2.26Kgs
*Measurements include both heart sculpture and stand.

Meaning behind this Devotion Heart. 
The design and size of our Anatomical hearts where based on the size and shape of a real human heart. Their inspiration comes form the true beauty of the human heart complex, fragile, and vital.

The Artisan Process...

Each of our Devotion Anatomical Hearts begins as a soft moist block block of clay. They raw clay is individually hand-molded and shaped into a curvy, full-figured sculpture of a heart. No 2 heart sculptures are ever exactly the same, the definition of a "Perfect Heart". Once the sculpting is complete the raw clay sculptures are placed in a large traditional red brick Kiln where the clay is heated and cured naturally by wood. After removing from the kiln the now dense and durable ceramic sculptures are completely hand painted. This entire artisan process is very detailed. The finished work of art is beautifully intricate and dimensional sculpture. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area) to your liking. 

Inspiration behind our Devotion Heart Collection. 
Each heart is a true combination of old world craftsmanship and whimsical artistry. Over the years we have created several Devotion hearts each uniquely different than the next. The concept for each heart’s design has emerged from our journeys throughout Mexico and the friendships we have built. Devotion Hearts are vestiges of love inspired by passion, stories of romance, faith and devotion.

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