Blown Glass Tumbler set | Aqua Amber

Raise a glass and say Salud in style, with this 4 piece set of stunning two-toned blown glass tumblers. The fusion of Amber and Aqua colors in these short, wide-mouth glass tumblers is a match made in glassware heaven. Hand blown from recycled glass.

These two-toned tumblers are artisan-blown with thick aqua colored glass that transitions to a wide natural amber-tinted rim. The minimalist inspired shapes these tumblers exhibit and their diverse rich colors are reflective of the quality craftsmanship and authenticity of true Mexican glass blowing.

Capacity | Dimensions.
8 ounces | 6"h x 4"diameter

Behind This Design, Artistic Glassware Handmade Sustainably.

Our talented artisans mouth-blow each 2 color-tone tumbler from recycled glass. Discarded glass bottles are received form local recycling collectors. The disposed glass is then sorted, crushed, and heated in large kilns where temperatures reach up to 1500*F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is then blown into a mold we designed. The aqua and amber color dye is added during the heating process, developing a striking and lasting color. Discarded glass recycled then transformed into stunning glassware.

Want to buy these two-toned tumbles in larger qualities or in other unique glass colors? Then simply contact us.

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