Blown Glass Tumblers, Short. Two Tone Aqua and Amber Glassware

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More colorful, creative, durable, and sustainable than your parent's "fine crystal ware." Drink creatively and sustainably with our stunning two-toned glass tumblers hand-blown from 100% recycled glass. Available individually, set of 2, set of 4, or set of 6. The fusion of Amber and Aqua colors in these short, wide-mouth glass tumblers is a match made in glassware heaven. Also available in Tall Tumbler size.


Dimensions | Capacity | Specifications

  • Measurements: 4”in tall x 3”diameter / 10.15cm tall x 7.75cm dia
  • Capacity: 12oz / 550mL / 1.5 cups
  • Weight: .75 - 1 lbs / .35 - .45 kg per tumbler *empty.
  • Glass density: 1/8"-1/4"thick siding with hefty base varies between 1/4"-1/2" thick
  • Capacity & measurements may vary slightly. Handmade glassware exhibits subtle wavy surfaces, imperfect rounded edges. These artisanal qualities give Movement glassware authentic personality and wholly unique presence.

How It's Made

The Sustainable and Creative Qualities Artisan Made Glassware
Our talented artisans mouth-blow each Bi-color tumbler from recycled glass. Discarded glass bottles are received from local recycling collectors. The disposed glass is sorted, crushed, and heated in large kilns where temperatures reach 1700˚F. Once the molten hot glass is of proper consistency, it is mouth-blown into a custom designed mold. The half aqua and half amber color dyes are added during the heating process, developing a striking and forever-lasting color.

Artisan Story

Not your parent's old crystal ware.

No two Tumblers will ever have the exact same color mixture. The thick glass has a wavy surface, and imperfect rounded edges are intentional design aesthetics. This imparts authentic personality and wholly unique presence into each vessel that is part of the Movement Glassware Collection glassware collection. These artisanal qualities are reflective of true Mexican glass blowing.

A mixture of Cosmic Colors!

These two-toned tumblers are artisan-blown with thick aqua-colored glass that transitions to a burnt amber tint. The color blend and amount of either color will vary per glass tumbler. The minimalist cylinder shape of the tumblers compliments the complexity, depth, and contrast of aqua to amber color tones. Technical task of blending these colors is achieved when the master glass-blowers add natural and non-toxic minerals like calcium and manganese while the glass is molten hot. Specifically, where the two colors border and mix, the color blending produces curled streams and abnormal swirls, providing a cosmic appearance, like the atmosphere of a gassy planet.

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